Also known as arate and alrate. A quick way of saying of all right. Formed originally in Stoke On Trent but now widespread across the north west
Person 1 : Erate there?
Peron 2 : Ai not too bad, hows you
Person 1 : Erate cant complain
by matt November 11, 2004
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A term used to describe the total wipe-out of an entire rat population.
He was personally responsible for the complete eratication of a widespread underground colony of gargantuan rodents.
by Dr Bunnygirl April 14, 2021
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erats is a powerfull movement and a wonderfull place to communicate with friends there are even politicians like

<<Ιακωβος Τρελογαμησης>> and more. Erats also have a former esport bracket for games like leuge, fn , rust and r6
by ERats Alex March 9, 2021
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A sound from the 1987 Technos video game Super Dodgeball.

The sound comes from one player being hit with tremendous force by the other with the dodgeball. The player being hit is blown off the playing field.

The sound is attributed to some one who tells a lame ass joke.
Matt: Dude, wanna hear a dirty joke?

Chris: What

Matt: Chris fell in the mudd

Chris: ERAT
by TBurger Man September 30, 2006
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A word used in place of "Alright", also used with "Tat" instead of "Tight".
"Well then erat"
"That's Tat Erat!"
"I'll talk to you later" "Erat"
by agr33n3rfilm February 23, 2005
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Ellen is in-sink erating the banana skins.

It is not a good idea to in-sink erate beer bottle caps.
by Girls 124 March 3, 2011
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The generation of people that watch Jersey Shore, Teen Mom, and insit that leggings are a legitimate substitution for pants.
This shit-eration is excelling the world towards idiocracy.
by upgradd February 3, 2011
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