Any Thing, Person or place that is - Long, Hard and/or Awsome
"Man that road trip was epic"
"Lord of the rings is an EPIC movie!"
"The hike was EPIC"
by Kyle Hope September 19, 2006
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1) It is a long poem or narrative, usually glorifying a cultural hero of that time.

2) Nearly the best weapons any class could have in the Everquest series (although later expansions would have better items available).

3) A genre of movie that is similar to the first definition.
"The Illiad is an epic that revolves around Achilles and Hector of Troy or something."

"OMG my epic takes too long, I quit."

"Braveheart was quite a good epic!"
by Tzeentch February 15, 2005
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A word used in the 2006-2012 era, presumably to describe something as resembling an epic poem (ignoring the fact that most of the users probably didn't know what that was). Today using the word "epic", unless being used to describe scope, and sometimes even then, makes you look horribly dated and trying too hard to be cool, like a 40-year-old who still wears graphic T-shirts. Instead, the new "hip and modern crowd" uses some combination of the words "swag", "#yolo", "cray-cray", and "twerk" in random order as if somebody had jammed a metal rod into the vocabulary part of their brain and replaced it with a Twitter feed, which also explains their spelling.
"Man, that new rollercoaster's so epic. Here's my BlackBerry, go take a picture while I'm on it."

"Dude. You twerkin' with me? Epic is like, five years old now. So un-yolo. You just lost your swagalicious badge."

"But we're best friends!"

"Nuh-uh-uh, not anymore. *rips off badge* I am so putting this on Instagram so everybody can see the time that you lost your swag badge and peed your pants, 'cause I know that those weren't yellow when you bought them."
by A totally cray person September 10, 2013
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buy the domain for your foodie blog
One of the Greatest Songs of the 90's performed by Faith No More, This Song Paved the Way for the Rap/Metal Genre.
Though Hippie activists bitched about the music Video for Epic which the fish appears to be dying, it was in fact slow motion footage.
by Dave T. September 16, 2006
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Totally and completely wicked awesome.

Synonyms : Kickass, awesome, amazing,

2 Keiran : -tells joke-

Aeralyn : OMG That was epic! Hahaha!
by Roxanne Hayley Michelle August 30, 2007
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Spanning years and continents, lives ruined, bloodshed. Epic. Mostly said about relationships. Used in this definition in Veronica Mars
That couple has a pretty epic lovestory.
by Inge January 15, 2008
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The word only epic gamers and bros use
It’s a term that describes epic ness
Mark: hey harry have you seen my new meme post on Instagram

Harry: yeah bro it was EPIC

Youtuber: hey guys today we’re gonna make an epic prank on libtards
via giphy
by Despacito 5 director August 04, 2018
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