"Means only one thing........of two choices."
^Epic Fail of definition
by AnonymousUser200 January 10, 2009
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A shamefully large, public and costly failure. Something that directly causes a gigantic loss in market share.
Dude, Windows Vista was an Epic Fail. I might sink to buying a Mac.
by mb in nyc April 21, 2008
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"OMG, look at that epic fail that's on TV!"
"Looks at this $13 I got from that epic fail!"
by 10379 February 28, 2009
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The one term used by video game nerds that is used to explain an unfortunate event. This is a combination of the two terms "epic" and "fail." "Epic" was a term that showed that something is amazing, where "fail" was a term saying that you're horrible at something.
John: I got a B+ on my test.
Anders: EPIC FAIL!!!!!!!

BJ: Wow, cheap kill.
Franklin: EPIC FAIL!!!!!!

Darren: Wow, you are the biggest retard I've ever met.
Andrew: EPIC FAIL!!!!!!
by Fonikz May 20, 2008
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a fail so big, it's almost a win.
"dude that was such an epic fail you deserve an award"
by heylol September 21, 2011
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Fail that works beyond one's own expectations of fail
A play that exemplifies epic fail: "Springtime for Hitler and Germany"
by Sp!kY April 29, 2008
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Getting massacred on March 31, aka Ivy League Decisions Day, and losing in that instant any value one's life may have previously had.
After being waitlisted at Northwestern, I anticipated an epic fail with Penn and Cornell the next week, and my fears were proven correct--rejections at both.
by I. Bluit April 1, 2008
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