Used in the early 2000s when troll memes were popular, it is used to express great joy whilst also feeling somewhat sorry
"That was an epic fail!" He cried
by TheGuyWhoWroteTheDefinition November 07, 2020
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Kim Seyoon aka Wow (the Italian fake), because he's always an epic fail. Just go to his profile, there's nothing to explain.
You're just an epic fail like Seyoon.
by daeficiente October 17, 2017
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The stupidest most pointless word in the English language...well maybe aside from lol....if you use this word someone will hack your head off with a machette.
Girl 1: lol epic fail
Girl 2: you suck
by yourjealousofme September 26, 2011
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My thinking I'd have an epic romance with certain guys only to find out they want to ignore me. EPIC FAIL.
epic fail failure played loser epic powned
by Epic failage March 24, 2011
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the new personification of epic failure. can be used as a photobomb or just to use when bored. best used at times when a fat person fails.
Jacquez-Hey. Watch this.
*Fat kid goes for a slam dunk on kids 4' basket ball goal*
*Fat kid misses and falls on his face*
Random guy that has no idea who Jacquez is- Not funny.*Bursts into fits of uncontrollable laughter*
Jacquez-*Laughing so hard at the fat kid trying to beat up the goal that he's crying when the goal falls on the kid* EPIC FAIL COW!!
by QuezOreo September 15, 2011
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When one uses large fingers for typing word documents and is unable to spell correctly MS Word will unline the entire document with wavey red lines.
Andy "Dude, your word document is such an epic red line fail, learn to spell"

Paul "sound"
by the_riviera_kid October 08, 2010
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