Enterable. (adj.) When a female is decidedly HAWT enough, that you'd "enter" her.
Miley Cirus wasn't worth 5 minutes and a kleenex as Hannah Montana, but now that she's gotten so slutty, she's close to "enterable".
by Cosmicbenji June 25, 2014
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The phrase "Enter the City" originates from the PC and Mobile game "Geometry Dash ". The phrase itself is used in a user-created level called "Ithacropolis" made by user BigMac77 and several other creators. The level is widely hated for it's unbalanced and unfun gameplay. This caused several memes to grow from it. Another phrase in the level states: "a city of death...",implying something horrible happened within.
"What happens when you die?"
"You Enter the City."
by Lemon Society December 31, 2019
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A song that tells us that people plot to kill us in our sleep.
I just listened to Enter Sandman, now I'm scared to sleep at night.
by lgw November 05, 2009
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This band is one of the biggest unsigned bands in the UK, they play everywhere in the UK but have not released a cd but everyone who goes to see them, well, loves them, even people from the USA have heard of them and love them. Their mix of electronica and hardcore rock is amazing and the lyrics are great, really good band to mosh too. The groups of people which find this band attractive are greebos, grundges, emos etc. A good exapmle of one of their songs is ok time for plan B or labyrinth if you want more information on this band visit: www.entershikari.com or search them in bands on www.myspace.com to hear some of their amazing songs. The world needs to hear them!
its the 27th of march on msn...
Claire: '' omg enter shikari are playing at the pioneer on the 20th may!''
James(overwhelmed with excitement): '' omfg thats so soon!''
by Jbsquare1991 March 30, 2006
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A very popular song off the "Black Albumn" from Metallica. The black albumn was billboards #1 album that year
exit light, enter night, take my hand off to never never land
by JeVoNeR September 14, 2003
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