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A flag or banner to indicate nationality.
Today they have raised the national ensign of Great Britain.
by Rythigan Elenakitli January 23, 2014
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Primarily, when your boss has sex with your wife or girlfriend, but can be used for anyone who you know who has sex with your wife or girlfriend.

Derived from Sen. John Ensign of Nevada, who was having sex with the wife of one of his friends, who also was a staff worker for Sen Ensign. When the friend found out, Ensign fired him.
My buddy "ensigned" me by having sex with my girlfriend the other night.

I just found out my boss has "ensigned" me for months now with my wife, and when I found out, the jerk fired me!
by TJinSD July 13, 2009
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An Ensign Ricky is a character in a movie or television show that goes into battle alongside the main characters. He is either the first person to die, or fights valliantly and is shot down in his prime. Either way, an Ensign Ricky is always killed. To point out an Ensign Ricky, usually the main character(s) will stand right next to him, and you'll be like "who the heck is that guy?" THAT guy is Ricky. This class of character first began in the hit tv series, Star Trek, where one man played the role of Ensign Ricky. There are 3 or 4 specific episodes where one can slow down the frame speed and see his face and realize that Ensign Ricky was the Kenny (from southpark) of the Star Trek "The Next Generation" series.
"Who the F*** is that guy and why is he getting all this attention over Brad Pitt. OH!!! He must be an Ensign Ricky... oh, yep, just died..."
by Ensign Hynson February 15, 2006
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After receiving your commission as an officer in the Navy or Coast Guard, you must be stoked. But sometimes, there's no room or money to train you and you get stashed doing odd jobs. Sometimes you can get stashed places you would like and then suddenly it's awesome.
>Hey man congratulations on the Navy! Do they have you flying yet?

<No, I'm a stashed ensign.

>So essentially you're worthless, and overpaid to do nothing?

<Fail. Oh but we had time to start a band, check purevolume for the stashed ensigns
by talonsdmc12 July 22, 2010
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Nickname given to the Chance-Vought F4U Corsair, an American Carrier-Based Fighter of World War Two. Earned its nickname due to the fact that the cockpit which was placed further back than most carrier-based aircraft made carrier landings extremeley difficult. This resulted in many inexperienced pilots crashing thier planes on landing.
by JonathanChance September 30, 2003
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A night of sloppy mediocre sex where the guy drops dead afterwards while still wearing his Star Trek communicator badge toy.
Eddie refuses to wear his communicator to bed, so he doesn't become ensign deadmeat.
by Dorkiest duke February 11, 2017
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In Star Trek, a random Redshirt who is taken on an away mission simply for the purpose of getting killed. Can also be used to refer to a superfluous member of any friendship or work group - one who doesn't quite fit in and is often left out, or asked to do things the other people won't.
Nerd #1: Who the hell is that guy talking to Bones?
Nerd #2: Oh, that's just Ensign Dead.

Wes: Ugh, someone threw up in the meeting room at the party last night. It's disgusting - someone's got to clean it up.
Nick: Make Jeff do it; he's such an Ensign Dead.
by wolfiesayrawr July 16, 2012
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