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Primarily, when your boss has sex with your wife or girlfriend, but can be used for anyone who you know who has sex with your wife or girlfriend.

Derived from Sen. John Ensign of Nevada, who was having sex with the wife of one of his friends, who also was a staff worker for Sen Ensign. When the friend found out, Ensign fired him.
My buddy "ensigned" me by having sex with my girlfriend the other night.

I just found out my boss has "ensigned" me for months now with my wife, and when I found out, the jerk fired me!
by TJinSD July 13, 2009

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MAN-ROID -- or MANROID-- is a nickname for Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Manny Ramirez, who was caught taking a banned subtance, and subsequently suspended for 50 games.

Although he was not technically found to be on "steroids", he was found to be on a female fertility drug often used to cycle down from steroid use.
MAN-ROID hit another long home run for Los Angeles. I wonder if it was from all the banned sustances he took as a Dodger.
by TJinSD July 13, 2009

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To have an attraction to , or love for, or a strong desire towards a 40+ Latina "cougar".

Inspired by Gov Mark Sanford of South Carolina, a conservative holy roller, who cheated on his wife with a 40+ Argentinian cougar
Gov. Mark Sanford of South Carolina has a bad case of PUMA FEVER, since he is willing to risk his career, marriage, and credibility, for the love and desire he has for his 40+ Argentinian mistress.

I get a case of PUMA FEVER every time I see Selma Hayek or Myrka Dellanos.
by TJinSD July 13, 2009

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