A kpop boy group formed by M-net (aka the worst company EVER) under a show named I-land. They debuted under the entertainment called Be: Lift, they have seven members. Lee Heeseung (Heeseung), Yang Jung-won (Jungwon), Park Jong-seong, Sim Jaeyun (Jake), Park Sunghoon ( Sunghoon), Kim Seon-woo (Sunoo), Nishimura Riki (Ni-ki). They're an amazing group ^^
"Enhypen is a rookie group"

"Who's your bias in Enhypen?"

"I love Enhypen so much!"
by aqiyaaa December 10, 2021
Kpop group which includes 7 boys, Sunghoon, Ni-ki, Jungwon, Jake, Jay, Sunoo and Heeseung. They were formed by a survival show called I-land in 2020
Enhypen is managed by Be:lift and under Bighit.
Person 1 "I don't know any other groups to Stan"
Person 2 "You should Stan Enhypen, they have songs that can never disappoint"
by Fiddle <3 November 22, 2021
a group of 7 boys who outsold your whole bloodline! 😊
Damn.. why are all of the ENHYPEN members so damn fine.. they need to wife me immediately.
by bouncethatass44 March 31, 2022
Enhypen is a great, funny, talented, multitalented, comforting group. they deserve the world
Person1: “do you know enhypen?”
Person2: “Yes! they’re my ult group! im ot7 biased
Person1: “me too!”
by FART BUTT POOP July 14, 2022
enhypen has 7 talented young boys that will definitely rocking the charts and dominate the awards soon! their pure and cute personality (even though sometimes they're just a bunch of crackhead teenagers boys) will make you always smile and making your day better!
"hey do you know the new boy group from belift?"

"oh that group called enhypen? yes of course! I always listening to their songs. all of them are such a bop!"

"enhypen are one of the best rookie group I ever stan."

"Stan enhypen for better skin!"

"some enhypen fans may be weird tho"