Similar to OTP, “One true pair,” Ot7 essentially means “one true seven” this is normally used in K-pop groups. Example - BTS, GOT7, etc. Some people also just use it to mean seven members of the group that is their favorite, so for SJ some do OT13, EXO OT12, Beast OT6, etc…
Who the fuck gets OT7 that close to them and leave them alive.”
by cassiopia May 3, 2018
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One true 7, the only ship that is real.
"A boy with 7 hearts and 7 boys with one heart" ot7 7-1=7
by Little Sailor July 6, 2019
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"One true 7" , made by armys that love all 7 members equally.
"Are you a solo Stan?"
"Nah bra it's ot7 for me"
by Porrrnasian parrapio April 5, 2018
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OT7 means 'One True 7'.
It is used for BTS and it is the same thing of OTP (One True Pairing), but for all the 7.
A: Hey, you like BTS too?
B: Yeah, of course.
A: Are you a solo stan?..
B: Nah, ot7.
by AnonymousARMY April 6, 2018
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People that claim to love all bts members equally but in truth it’s only valid when it benefits their actual bias. Most fake ot7 are hyung line stans that pretend to like ot7 but would throw ot6 under the bus for their bias. In other words fake ot7 are mostly solo stans that lie to gain clout or just acceptance in the fandom.
Example 1

stan: “I cant wait for Jimin’s solo projects”
Fake ot7:” jimin can’t write so I doubt he’ll release anything soon he’s good in bts :)”
by SimplyKSJ December 22, 2018
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a group of friends who are fucking crazy and will get cancelled every 2 seconds
girl: oh do u know ot7 peggers?

girl: yeah they get raitoed all the time
by SP00KYSADBREAD November 2, 2020
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