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a college student who majors in this can forget about his life, because there will be no more time to do anything besides study, and then drink to forget how fucked you are. Study and drinking, that's about it. Also, engineers are known to have no sleeping pattern because of numerous all-nighters. There should be an amendment to the constitution to add an entire point to any engineering student's GPA, as only then will the scale be fair to everyone.
Business major: what's your major?
Engineering major: engineering.
Business major: (gets a mental image of engineering major stabbing himself with pencils, not sleeping for 36 hours straight, and failing multiple classes. Yet the engineering major is still 4 times smarter than the business major.)
by drew s December 10, 2007

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An educated guess. A guesstimation is a guess, but at the same time an estimation.
I guesstimated that 95% of people in Zimbabwe think this word is cool.
by drew s April 08, 2004

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if someone happens to be getting fresh with you, mushroom slap them. This means pulling out your jimmy and making solid contact with their facial region.
C-dav definitely mushroom slapped that girl last period because she said "oh my gosh guys guess what happened?"
by drew s April 12, 2004

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This is a very complex law of physics. It states that if food (goldfish, for example) is dropped on the floor, it can be "safely" eaten within five seconds. The five second rule is very fun to apply when in...say...architectural drawing class, usually when Mr. Johnson leaves the room.
When other people are attempting to throw goldfish in your mouth, but miss and hit you smack diddley doo in the face, the five second rule applies as soon as it makes solid contact with the floor.
by drew s April 19, 2004

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a somewhat ballsier version of smacking someone, usually in the face.
NOTE: this is not a mushroom slap
reppert: Dude back away or i'll straight smackalack you in the face.
by drew s December 08, 2004

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nobody really knows what two words conbined to form this word. One of them is most definitely jumbled. The first one could be "confused", it could be "conjectured", or it could be "conartist". Nobody really knows. However, we do know that this word is said when you dont know what the hell is going on.
mrs yeazel what the hell are you doing. You write the most conjumbled notes ever in the history of the earth.
by drew s December 08, 2004

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ok. so you've heard of fuck buddies right? just friends who do each other from time to time
ok, so hear me out, i got a sweet idea for all those religious chicks
see i was pondering this while playing WoW with c dav earlier, and remembered a girl telling me she wanted to save herself for marriage. so i thought, what about BEAT buddies?
see, just a guy and girl friend who 'bate to each other. that way, it breaks no virginal code, cause there's no penetration
Guy A: Hey man, Alexandra wants to save herself for marriage.. now we can't be fuck buddies.
Guy B: Well dude, you can still have fun and save her virginity too: just become Beat Buddies
Guy C: That's right, if you play it out right, you could become all-tim 'Bate Dates
by drew s June 15, 2006

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