Performing steps toward a goal in such a way to access and use dark energy specifically Jinn Magik. Heavy use of numbers and geometry. Hyper focus and small groups produce more power exponentially. The entities nearest your physical location on earth will be invoked first, you will know they are with you when your ear begins to ring.
by EM3WEM3 June 26, 2019
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Engineering is the practice of mucking up once useful objects. Practitioners excel at telling skilled workers how to do things the engineers themselves have never done, nor are capable of learning. Engineers can expect to be paid menial wages while languishing in a cubicle and annoying productive people with endless demands for more submittals. Your life as an engineer will be designing stupid shit that laymen will fix in the field, and reviewing thousands of pages of eyewash to ensure that all systems are too comp-licated for the end users. Fortunately you will have months to incorrectly design systems that the talented technicians must build and install in weeks. They will make it work behind your back so you don't fly in on a site visit and fix things. You will be replaced in your prime by an intern and no one will notice or care that you are gone.
Engineering guy says let me explain how your car works while a skilled person fixes it.
by notanengineer January 03, 2017
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A field of study offered by college universities that focuses on math and applied sciences. Students who decide to major in engineering are usually obese and socially awkward individuals (think Yu-gi-oh card players and band geeks) going into the major with the false hope that the big pay check later will make everything better. They sacrifice all good aspects of life (healthy eating habits, developing good social skills, having a open mind, and sex) in order to study arbitrary things such as multivariable calculus and thermodynamics. In their quest to become soulless number crunching zombies they begin to bash on other majors constantly complaining on how hard and important their major is and anything that's not engineering is irrelevant. In reality they are short changing themselves from developing important social networking skills (which is essential in the job market) and obtaining a well rounded education. When the time does come they will most likely screw up on the interview to get the big job (due to their social awkwardness) and end up teaching at a community college as a second rate professor.
Humanities/Business major: Hey loser!
Engineering student (in his head): I'll show you. What I'm studying is important and it's going to get me that big pay check. Then all the ladies will come to me.

10 years later.....
Humanities/Business major (now a CEO): Hey loser!
Engineering student (in his head): Doh! Well at least I have my health..... wait no I don't.
by The_Scholar August 20, 2011
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