A North London Borough.

extremely diverse area. from the classy north-west of the borough (Hadley Wood, Oakwood) to the vibrant but chav filled centre (Enfield Town) to the deprived and crime-filled shitholes of the south-east of the borough (Edmonton, Ponders End, Southbury).

Surrounded by the borughs of Haringey, Barnet, and Waltham Forest, and crappy little Waltham Cross and Cheshunt outside of London.
Enfield, North-eazy baby!
by n18 ruude boi January 18, 2006
A shithole city in Connecticut. It is mostly nice suburbs but there is a part of it called T-Ville were ghetto people (and wiggers) go create a mini bridgeport full of people who go to be ghetto as fuck. It is mostly made of projects and trap houses.
Friend 1: “Hey g where you at?”
Friend 2: “Im just in the Tville part of Enfield
by sendhelp42069 October 20, 2018
Sleepy town in Northern Connecticut...home of the only High School named for Enrico Fermi, the inventor of the Nuclear Reactor...which gave the A-Bomb it's "BOOM"
"I need to drive through Enfield to get to Springfield, MA"
by guitarmomma1984 January 14, 2009
A 577. Cal rifle-musket produced in London. And widely used during the U.S War of Rebellion by both sides.
I was issued a Pattern Enfield model 1853 last month.
by Gallant Yankee Gentleman July 9, 2019
a school full of slags and skets who chat shit about each other. the teachers in enfield county are all dickheads.

for example :

Bob Crusty : “Ahlie that’s Enfield County” (ECS)

Dog : “The teachers there are all nittys
by BobCrustyTheFirst December 5, 2019
Welcome to Enfield county. Basically no ones straight and everyone chats shit about each other. The most hated year is 8 and year 9s think they run lower (they love to get involved in everything no one asked babes)There is no beef and the schools so dead whenever something happens they go back on snap and talk about it for days. Every teachers breath stinks and you can get excluded for basically anything. If there’s beef it’s 99% verbal. Year 7 are short and compressed and year 10Scare irrelevant. Year 11s are basically studs. There’s too many girls in that school who can’t slick their hair and have the audacity to come to school looking like sheep’s. There’s also girls who have the audacity to talk about the fact they gave head no one cares luv😘
Person 1: Enfield county is filled with skets

Person 2: yeah I have her nudes
by tasnimdaetona April 1, 2020
Royal Enfield is the longest continuously produced motorcycle brand in the world.
I will go to Ladakh on my Royal Enfield once I buy it.
by TurtleSnake69 April 9, 2017