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i gang,crw,set originated in Boston ma in 2006. since then they have become a top gang that's completely under the radar, there organization is extrimly brilliant even thought they are all stupid for begin in a gang. they are known also for there escort arsenal witch consists of 4 Cadillac escalates, and 8 motorbikes riding in with four in front and four in back. there well funded and specialize in there murder squad unit. they have over 1000 members in the US right now, there mainstream hubs are Boston and new york. they are violent and always roll deep. they are a vital allies and a deadly threat to rivals.
person 1: yo chek thos goons postin out infron of tha ally

person 2: oo shit they b rollin mad deep out dar chek tha color

person 1: green an white and black, shit lets dip itz thos 5319 bangaz

person 2: ecs? word up im outy
by infoworld9123 August 30, 2010
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(east coast soldiers) a gang created in Boston ma. they are largely known for there ghost like interactions. they are almost are never detected until a few months after there crime has been committed. they are allies with FOLK nation and BLOODS. there colors are green and white. there common nick name is 5E19 (5319) because "e"is the fifth letter "c" is the third letter and "s" is the 19th letter they are also a very organized and loyal gang.
crip: "thos ECS bangerz are gonna pay fr killin T"

crip2: tru chat, but we gotta watch our baks, there undetectable
by banger4eva11 August 27, 2010
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a violent gang in Boston. they or organized, educated on escape and fleeing tactics. they are know as the ghostz because there undetectable. there colors are green and white and there murder squad colors are black and white. there organized. there well funded. there ruthless. there a under the radar gang that specializes in weapons.
police: another gang body? how long ago?

police2: about two months ago.

police: oh man, it looks like ecs is responsible.
by knolageman800 August 30, 2010
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A Taiwanese computer parts manufacturer, known for thier budget-priced motherboards worldwide. The company has since grown into the world largest motherboard manufacturer.

The company gained quick notoriety in the early 2000's with OEM and build-it-yourself computer fans with thier K75SA motherboard for AMD's Athlon, which out-benchmarked many expensive boards but at a much lower cost.
"That ECS K75SA board only cost me 35 dollars!
by JanglePop October 12, 2005
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excessive cum syndrome--when someone has so much sex their not even a hoe any more so you say that they have this.
she came home with cum stains on her skirt again!
yea she has ecs
by chesl July 10, 2008
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