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the large garbage bags that sit in the corner at a party. these bags will be filled with empty alcohol containers ("empties") such as busch light cans or majorska jugs. once the empties bag is full and the party is over, member of the party will fly down a side road and throw the bags in the air in such a way that they crash all over the road, and it is usually followed by someone yelling bink or i aint goin back to jail. the next day the ones who threw the bags will go back and visit the cans or jugs all over the road and laugh.
"yo i just threw mad empties bags on hopper, it was epic"

"we get crunk, off beer, its busch light, EMPTIES BAGS" (sung to the tune of we fly high)

"yo mayn fill up the bags, i got empties on my mind"
by jimmy duncans crew February 01, 2007
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