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Emoge; pronounced((em-uj))

Any one of the countless pictures that lame emo kids take of themselves and post along with the definition of emo on urban dictionary or; in short, an emo-image.

Often they brush their jet black (died from a natural color) hair over their face as much as possible. Guys wear women's pants. Girls usually wear skirts and pants. A lot of them where black, square-rimmed glasses because they like the Weezer "Beverly Hills Video" (1)

IMPORTANT: you can't look right at the lense. you have to pretend like your life is so bad that you don't care to look directly in the camera because you are too busy thinking about how everything sucks and how much that song by All-American Rejects makes sense to you, even if they stole the idea for their video from

But it is you, in fact, that has set the timer on your 5-mega-pixel digital camera that you got from you parents for you birthday to take the emoge and post it wherever you think people will be intrigued by how unhappy you look.

And you probably have tried your hardest to look like any member of FallOutBoy, even though they play a lot of drop D, palm-muted power chords with one finger.

(1) it is important to note that Weezer is not emo, but emo's, screamo's and popper's have adopted their look.
(s.) Mark pulled his hair over his eyes and put on some ladies' Seven brand jeans so that he could post his emoge along with his myspace profile.

(pl). There are over 250 emoges along with the urbandictionary definition of emo, and even more on myspace.
by Greg likes rock November 27, 2005
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