a male person that is so fuck
why are you so sexy? it seems your name is emir.
by em1999i August 18, 2018
you could use word "emir" when someone is sexy.lol
by horse001 April 7, 2010
Emir is the guy that wants to do well in everything.He excels at swimming and loves to crack jokes.However he can make someone feel extremely sad/happy.He wants everyone to do well even if it means to be harsh but inside he truly loves you.You can use emir in a sentence when you are concealing emotions.
I'm an Emir right now.
by TSB July 1, 2019
A Turkish Male with a fairly plus size penis
Holy shit that man is like Emir. His dingiling is as long as a baseball bat.
by 37282dollasign March 14, 2017
the best fucking person in the world. You cant ask for a better answer.
Wow i wish Emir was my friend!
by QGTM_25 October 21, 2019
Emir is a name that mostly Bosnian males have. The like to joke around. Guys like this are amazing, smart, creative and talented. They will show you love and if your dad is called that...he may be a little cringy. Don’t get mad though as they mean it with love. Don’t mess with them or they family because they will find you and beat your ass.
Dude 1: Dude I just flirted with Emirs wife...
Dude 2: You better run right now.