When my friend Emir sends something in the group chat that somebody already sent before him. He does this because he has no regard for human life and emotions.
Toni: Lol emir syndrome, Berin already said that 5 minutes ago...
by Ismeta69 January 17, 2022
A word used for a ghedo area in a city where there is usually punks, graffiti, couches on fire, trash on fire, tempoarly a rock concert, people being mugged on the spot with no one caring, preferrabily with a dark sky. Dirty buildings, tanks, guns, no one caring, etc.
Four lost tourists visit emir town.

Tourist 1, "Woah, that guy just mugged an old lady, and she threw a grenade at him!"

Tourist 2, "That tank blew that guy's head off!!!"

Tourist 3, "That plane just bombed the mayor's house!!!"

Tourist 4, "Those LSD smoking kids just got blown away by a landmine!"

(A native comes along"

Native: "Yo!!! WAZZZZZZZZZZZZZUUUPPPP!!! WATCH OUT FOR THAT *hic* NU-*hic* KE!!! *hic* *hic*

(You know the rest)
by Miles "Tails" Prower March 23, 2004
A derpy person named Emir. Doesn’t have friends
by Hoimaster February 17, 2018
emir feminist is a feminist who is a feminist.
emir feminist hates men.
by master oogway69696969695 March 5, 2022
It’s a decent school with good education, the girls section is filled with chmaks, lesbians and snakes, all they do is share your secrets with everyone, spread rumors about people and get into fights about the dumbest things but other than that you’ll find some sweet people there
Oh your from emirates national school? Yeah I can tell from that jacket your wearing
by Blublurid November 8, 2019
Hi welcome to Emirates National School where you enter straight and leave being a lesbian with 7 ex’s”
by Straightqueen101 November 8, 2019
Basically a gay school with horny pedophiles and kids vaping in bathrooms just to get suspended

That's Emirates National School.
by Naruto Wannabe November 5, 2019