ens is a school filled with lesbians and depressed snakes. if ur the class of ‘23 or/and after ur the most hated and most problematic.
person #1: what school do u go to?
person #2: oh i go to emirates national school
person #1: *ight imma head out*
by i live in my mom’s basement December 7, 2019
a very wealthy middle eastern nation that is rolling in oil and banking dough. a former british colony, it is made up of 7 emirs, or provinces ruled by sultans. the nation usually known as the uae is the most liberal mid eastern nation, with western culture and products circulating throughout. however, the nation is still for the most part a kingdom. the country's claims to fame are a company from the city of dubai attempting to buy US ports, the comic strip character garfield's constant attempts to send his cousin nermal to the city of abi daubi, and human rights violations of foreign workers and the poor.
the united arab emirates looks like a wealthy westernized nation on the outside, but if you take a closer look, it's just saudi arabia minus some fanaticism.
by Ben E. Hama February 2, 2007
The best friend you could ever ask for. Most likely hates his best friend Lila’s brother, he is adorable and lovable. He just wants love and hugs. And tacos, and him and his friend are gonna be dinos for halloween
“Emir Aragon Sanchez is the best i love eating tacos wit him i want to dress up as a Dino with him”
by Mind reader 4567890- October 21, 2020
When one consumes a gargantuan amount of chicken wings, causing them to release a fecal dump larger than the United Arab Emirates.
Hey, I heard Abby got fired from Ronzio's for dropping multiple United Arab Emirates A-Bombs during her shift.
by Constitution/B-Guard June 15, 2010
The biggest brat in eis, she sweet talks her way into people liking her but if you actally meet her she is the biggest brat, pretends shes smart but she dumb af. never gets spotted without carrying a branded bag like coach, tommy hilfiger and micheal kors and she's switch between them weekly. ALWAYS stacked up in jewellry cartier, swarovski and tiffany and you would never see her without the bigass vancleef earings and that shit costs like 14K. Pulls up in a different car every day from the latest maserati to the latest G-wagon. She has all that and pretends to be the most humble girl you'll ever meet
Did you see Emirates international school's biggest brat? She just got picked up by THE LATEST G-WAGON
by emirider123 April 18, 2019
An Airline that was founded in March 25 1985 that has grown huge in the last decade and also was the first airline to put screens in all seats on all planes. the Emirates hub Airport is DXB (Dubai International Airport) they are the largest operator of the Boeing 777 Line of Aircraft and the Airbus A380-800
Alex: Hey mate guess what I am flying first class on Emirates Airlines tomorrow night!
Jake: Dam bro you're lucky where are you going?
Alex: Brisbane Australia
by Just a Fellow Sim Pilot November 1, 2022
Basically a god. Handsome, funny, charming. Bruh why don't you worship him? I mean just look at him.
That guy is such an Emir Berke. He is so sexy and funny🤤. I also heard that he owns Turkey, whole fucking country. Sheeesh
by Kesinlikle_Emir_değil November 20, 2021