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Latin origin. Meaning: The Chosen One.
One hot kickass female. Anyone who meets her will not be able to resist her beauty and her amazing personality.
She is always the centre of attention, very stylish and unique, like no other. She is also a very creative person and always up to something new and different.
She is a leader.
She will rock your world.

She won't take any crap from anyone.
She will give you everything, but if you get on her bad side your ass WILL be kicked!!
guy 1: "look at that incredibly sexy woman over there"
girl 1: "and check out her awesome stylish look"
girl 2: " I wanna be her"
guy 2: " I wanna do her"

girl 1: "she must be an Elita"
by 2moui November 12, 2010
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Stormy. Enjoys a good storm. Loves a dark cloud. Makes her want to ravish others.
"look out... there's a storm coming.." *Elita winks*
by alfettablossom June 28, 2011
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Female Autobot who was Optimus Prime's girlfriend in the classic animated television series from the 80's 'Transformers.'

Also known as: Elita One, Ariel.
Ryan is pwnEd by Elita.
by RyanC_88 June 20, 2006
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A person, usually female or very feminine male, with an extremely good taste in music. They are most often in a classification of "emo" as well, but this is not alway true
loser: did you see that emo girl walking down the hall?

Educated person: Oh, She wasnt emo, she was an, Elita
by howl's luver July 12, 2008
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One beautiful, gorgeous, stunning, girl in the world, A Elita is a goddess that you need to keep in your life but be careful don’t get on her bad side or else πŸ˜‚ A Elita is stunning has a beautiful body and you will get carried away with her eyes so get used to it guys.
Guy 1Wow look at those eyess
Guy 2 she must be an Elita
by Jordan Soraco October 02, 2018
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