originally derived from Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy. Bilbo Baggin's eleventy-first birth day was the setting of the opening chapter. Since used by people all over the world.
Bilbo reached the ripe old age of eleventy-one.
by Klaatuu August 25, 2006
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A commonly used mockery of 1337 talkers, derived from the over-use of exclamation marks after a declaration. Since many people preferred using the Caps-Lock to the shift key, they would be unskilled with the shift key (if such a thing is possible) and it would end up coming out as !!!1!!!!111!!!! or things along that line. "Eleventy" or "Eleventy-one" refers to the groupings of ones located in an overly long string of exclamation marks.
"1337" person: So he's all like 'omg u ghey phag' so I say fucku bithc lolol!!1!!!1!!11!!!

Cynical bystander: Yeah, and then I was all like OMG!!!one!!!!eleventy-one!!
by Horde September 5, 2004
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A world that is typically followed by the word "Billion"
Usually used to describe an exaggerated amount of money
You owe me eleventy-billion dollars dealing with your wasted, belligerent ass last night!
by SWYZ721 September 20, 2005
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A fictional number used to describe an immense amount or the result of a cat walking across the numbers of a keyboard.
"There's like eleventy of everything at Costco"
by Paul L`astname May 24, 2013
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Eleventy is an infinite string of ones.

Eleventy is not infinity as it is quantifiable. Like pi, eleventy is calculable to an infinite place. By knowing how to calculate eleventy, it makes it a uniquely simple infinite number sequence. The main difference between infinity and eleventy is that we know exactly how to begin and end writing eleventy. Eleventy, in similarity to pi, is quantifiable.

The number eleventy is divisible to a whole number by every single number that exists in any numerical place in the string, which makes it unique from many other numbers.
eleventy to ten places = ...1111111111

To begin calculating eleventy, you start with one and add the exponential of ten to the power of 0. From there on, you add the exponential of ten (starting with one), never using the same exponential of ten.


You repeat these steps until time ends. That is eleventy.
by ego.summopere July 29, 2010
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like 70 is seventy, 80 is eighty, 90 is ninety, eleventy refers to 110.
so when bilbo turned eleventy-one he was turning 111.
by Marko Dash July 6, 2015
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This is the amount of days described by a drug user that they have been sober.
I am a Tarot card reader and I have been clean off of drugs for Eleventy days.
by 3x3x3x3 September 17, 2021
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