Otherwise seen as 31337, this is Geek Speak for the word, Elite. Often used online as a replacement for Elite.

see: leet
"That Game is 31337" (eleet)

(online) "Check out my 31337 Skills"
by Tenshi-Ryuu September 30, 2006
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ima kewlerr then u an iman eleet haxor. lolololol
by anti-geek May 2, 2003
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a person who is respected by his peers
WireDDD is eleet
by John Doe April 30, 2003
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A pimp email address and url redirection
I got an eleet name email and website dude. Its from www.eleet.name
by bob January 21, 2004
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Used to describe a re-enactor who's kit isn't right, has the wrong kit, or who is generally wrong in general.
*points to a viking in Lamellar armour*
"That guy is eleet"
by F. Wolfr November 27, 2014
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When nerdy/dweeby people try to be cool by playing theme songs to their favourite computer games (e.g. halo).
Mike: That Xavier kid thinks he so awesome playing guitar.
Stuart: He calls it eleet-tric guitar.
Mike: What a douche.
Stuart: Yeah.
by Tom is The Chode. August 26, 2008
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