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A person who wishes to recreate a specific time period in history, often with the intent of educating the general public. Some may have family members who took part in a historical event, and choose to re-enact in order to gain a greater understanding of their family member's experiences.

In the U.S., Civil War re-enacting and World War II re-enacting are considered the most popular, though other forms of re-enacting such as the Renaissance, the American Revolution, and even Vietnam War re-enacting are also in existence.

Re-enactors specialize in a form of history education known as "living history," which seeks to bring historical events mentioned in books "to life" so that those wishing to learn can get an up-close-and-personal experience.

Historically accurate clothing and accessories are a requirement to be a re-enactor, and many usually conduct their own extensive research to ensure that their historical alter egos are displayed properly.

Re-enactors are often criticized as "nerds" or "geeks" because they "dress up and run around in funny clothes and think they're cool." Also, some re-enactors are criticized because they tend to recreate military units noted as "legendary" (such as the 20th Maine in Civil War re-enacting or the 101st Airborne in WWII re-enacting) while ignoring more "average" soldiers. More simply, some people just cannot understand why re-enactors do what they do.

Still, it is worth noting that without re-enactors, the cast of historical films such as "Gettysburg" would be extremely sparse. You can't make a war movie without soldiers after all.
"My grandfather was in World War II, so I re-enact to get a better understanding of what he went through."

"Look at those re-enactors! Haha! What nerds!"

"If you didn't have re-enactors, the Pickett's Charge scene in 'Gettysburg' would have a cast of five people."
by DougalC April 23, 2007
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The C-class actors they get to reenact dramatic scenes in made-for-tv specials.
The actors seen in "Blood in the Water," a reenactment of the real-life Jaws were definitely reenactors.
by Anonymous1983 August 03, 2009
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A really stupid living history person who thinks they fought the Civil War.
Hey, did you see that reenactor? What a douche bag, he weighs 500 pounds, is 60 years old, and thinks he's an 18 year old Confederate. Plus he can't follow the black powder regulations to save his life.
by hatin' zee tards and nagle October 19, 2007
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