noun. A man who abandons a woman as soon as she tells him she is pregnant; a deadbeat.

Origin: from "Men's Rights" movement leader and notorious deadbeat dad, Paul Elam. See: santorum.
"Hey, where's Derek?"
"Oh, that elam dumped me as soon as I told him I was pregnant."
by ProfN August 7, 2015
Elam-A nickname for a man with very hairy legs. An Elam may be confused with Big Foot. An Elam is the only creator of the octo-bounce and there is a legend that one day all his mighty hair will be slain and cut down. This beast is very gentle and loves cookies.
Girl- Run mommy its Big Foot!
Mom- Its alright its just an Elam. Go get the cookies.
by E Douds June 15, 2008
Elame is a nickname for a really lame person named Elaine.
by tigger2132 October 7, 2013
A girl very sweet and talented. She’s so pretty and doesn’t know it and would do anything to make ppl happy .
by Hmmm u don’t know me May 29, 2020
Worthless piece of shit mother that does nothing but start drama and sleep around with other guys. And doesn't let her baby daddy see his kid a bitch that talk shit but can't back up her shit. no show to a fight. A nasty slut. Tht uses a turcky baster to get pregnant
Baile elam - bitch gonna come to your house and beat tht asss.
Girl- okay u know where I live come on.

(2hours later)

Girl- this bitch ain't coming hell nawww I wasted my time.
by sweetcheecks8413 August 8, 2013
A girl named nell , that likes slapping her midget friend izzy .
Look there’s another ‘Nell elamslapping her poor friend what a bitch
by Hmmm u don’t know me May 29, 2020