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noun. A man who abandons a woman as soon as she tells him she is pregnant; a deadbeat.

Origin: from "Men's Rights" movement leader and notorious deadbeat dad, Paul Elam. See: santorum.
"Hey, where's Derek?"
"Oh, that elam dumped me as soon as I told him I was pregnant."
by ProfN September 11, 2015
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Elam-A nickname for a man with very hairy legs. An Elam may be confused with Big Foot. An Elam is the only creator of the octo-bounce and there is a legend that one day all his mighty hair will be slain and cut down. This beast is very gentle and loves cookies.
Girl- Run mommy its Big Foot!
Mom- Its alright its just an Elam. Go get the cookies.
by E Douds June 14, 2008
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