A term of art in combat pistol shooting that refers to taking two shots to center mass and one shot to the forehead to make sure the target is deceased.
Did you hear what happened to Jorge? They gave him the old El Presidente. You won't be seeing him no more. He's taking a dirt nap.
by Jackel in Brawley April 9, 2007
dipped,saucy,tight, ill with it, siccmade. from spanish language el presidente " the president"
im el presidente,i run things tote gun things and never run from things.
by Joslin August 18, 2005
a reaaaally sad an annoyin person who needs to get some form of social life and stop being so needy of everyones attention and approval
person 1: that blokes such a wanker
person 2:no he is el presidente
by petrified foetus May 10, 2005
Someone, typically an authority figure. Whom says that they are in your favor; but is actually trying to screw or otherwise fuck you over. Often for personal reasons.
"Hey man you remember the other night when the boss told me that he would wright me a letter of recommendation for a job at corporate?"
"Well he didn't. He threw me under the bus, and not only that, he instead wrote one for that one chick in accounting you know the roomers."
"Damn dude that's pretty El presidente of him."
by 19.2 volt July 19, 2021
When you combine the Dirty Sanchez and a Cleveland Steamer. A proper 'El Presidente' will have it start below the neck, resembling a necktie. The Dirty Sanchez of course, serves as the proper mustache.
"I didn't know you were dating a latino girl, Austin."
"I'm not, that's just the remnants of the 'El Presidente' from last night."
by WombatCombat October 2, 2011
Al Nicaragua El Presidente Rahoulsahif Hamscrham, the almighty Joe Greaves. Most revered and fearless ruler of the Joman Empire. Most jerk per square inch.
Al Nicaragua El Presidente Rahoulsahif Hamscrham! Hashishamapoop! Big Metal Hoobajoob!
by Roberto Morissetti August 20, 2006