3 definitions by Jackel in Brawley

An email update to members of the Rest in Peace Society that someone with a household name has died.
Holy crap, I need to make an RIP Alert, Paul Newman died!
by Jackel in Brawley October 24, 2008
A condition that occurs when one is shooting a semi-automatic pistol and runs out of amunition. The slide locks back in the open position. This is especially troubling in the middle of a gun fight because your opponent now knows your weapon is empty.
Paul was in trouble, he was surrounded and his piece was in smilin Jack, he might as well been holding his dick in his hand.
by Jackel in Brawley April 9, 2007
A term of art in combat pistol shooting that refers to taking two shots to center mass and one shot to the forehead to make sure the target is deceased.
Did you hear what happened to Jorge? They gave him the old El Presidente. You won't be seeing him no more. He's taking a dirt nap.
by Jackel in Brawley April 9, 2007