Term used to generalise internet masturbators. i.e: People who talk a lot of shit in internet channels and games.

An offensive slang to outcast and degrade people.
Look at those dopey ejacks! Tuggin' on the pickle and spamming shit!
by kinsydrakes July 23, 2006
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A man, usually one who is rather socially inept, whose only sexual activity is pleasuring himself to Internet porn, gay or straight, thereby coining the term, "e-jack."
Bob is so inexperienced and horny, so he just sits in front of his computer every night e-jacking to every well-endowed muscle man he can find. He needs to get a life!
by Angie Keekleman May 19, 2007
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To have an orgasm
We were at it for 30 minutes, I had to hit a E Jack when she got on top
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by Lexx Diamond November 26, 2018
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