Tatiana is a name for an amazing female. She is very loud spoken, and lights up the room. She is often very pretty even if she does not see it, and they tend to have very pretty smiles. She has a big heart and tries to care for everyone she can. But when you get her mad there is no filter on that girl, and be prepared for a show. Tatiana is the type of girl every boy is looking for and is easy to fall in love with, But Tatiana's are always stuck on that ONE boy. And they can love like no other. Tatiana's are smart and very funny. To sum it all up Tatiana's are like goddesses. If you have a Tatiana in you life do not let her go.
See that beautiful girl over there?
You can just tell that, that's a Tatiana.
by qazxswedcvfrtgbhyu October 23, 2018
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A girl who is very tall and cares deeply about academics. At times she is a perfectionist and gets stressed and seems to over react very easily. She is amazing at everything she does. Also very good at languages and art and music. Tends to be very strong mentally and will persevere through anything. Always stuck on that one boy who she can never get out of her mind. If Tatiana cares about something or someone she will do all in her power to make sure they get the best. They tend to be shy at first but once you get to know them they become the loudest people you will ever meet. Tatiana is incredible, once you meet a Tatiana do not let her go.
“Dude that girl is so perfect!”
“Yeah it’s Tatiana”
by The legendary goat November 1, 2018
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Tatiana, Russian form Tanya which means princess, is the name of a spectacular girl. She’s loving, open minded, down to earth and a really easy girl to talk too. Tatiana has deep brown eyes that glow like honey in the light. She has a sexy body shape with nice curves. She has shoulder length hair. Tatiana enjoys watching Netflix in her spare time. I love Tatiana so so much. Sometimes she’s referred to as Tati or Tanya. She’s a very affectionate person, and loves spreading love. She’s finding one person, Male or female. When she knows they are the one she will willingly give them the world. Tatiana should be forever praised.
Girl1: ‘hey isn’t that your girlfriend??’

Girl2: ‘oh yeah.. that’s Tatiana, we had an instant connection!’
by Nadinie February 25, 2019
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Tatiana is a females name, Most Tatiana are beautiful, Funny, Chill and very respectful. Tatiana are Really easy to fall in love with. They are very attractive
Dude look at Tatiana, I wish I could be her Bae
by TrillyTae March 17, 2017
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An amazing, tall, sweet,caring girl. She tends to have big eyes and a smile that is breath taking. School is her priority. Most want to become a model or something having to do with the medical field. People call them "tati" or "anita". They fall in love easily and when they lay eyes on a guy they will stick with that guy forever. Tatiana's tend to be really strong physically and mentally. Even though she can get hurt easily. When she is quiet she is over-thinking. She is very athletic and can dance very well. Two of her best traits are her beautiful smile and the way they show affection towards the ones they love. Tatiana's are the most wonderful girls you can ever meet and lucky if you get to date one.
" you see that girl right there?"

"Yeah, and i think she might be a tatiana, she is so talland her smile shines from all the way over there"
by mrvarveru June 26, 2013
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A beautiful female with sparkling eyes and a personality that makes all the boys fall for her.
Wow look at Tatiana she's beautiful!!
by Anthony_jason_ June 12, 2014
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she is one of the craziest persons in the world. she is very pretty and has the brightest smile. she falls in love easily. Her nickname is Tati. she has deep thoughts too when she feels sad. She can be depressed at times and feel lonely too.she is a short and caring person. she can give up at times when everything is too hard for her but her friends encourage her to not give up. She is not a popular person, she considers her self an introverted person and feels the emotionless person. she is a party person and can dance to any song that anyone puts on and feels her self too.
Person 1: OMG she is a TATIANA

Person 2: she is
by annyohasyo September 25, 2019
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