Brazilian interjection to show yourself surprised with something, common in the south of São Paulo state.
This lang used when something is surprisingly good or bad, but can be used in many different ways.

Can be simplified to "eta".
In the northeast of Brasil, people use "égua" (female horse) instead of "eita".
"Eita porra!"
"Holy shit!"

"Hey John, your mother died.
- Eita!"

"Hey John, you passed on Harvard.
- Eita!"

"Eita! Is that an UFO?"
by Matheus J. November 04, 2007
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It is a Tsotsitaal word from South Africa. It is used by lads to greet each other.
Sbuda: Eita Skroef!
Skroef: Sure Sbuda, how's it?
by xavi08 May 31, 2016
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the cutest little hub on earth.

best boy.

he might look like intimidating but he. is. not. he deserves the whole world.

not to mention that he is skilled. i mean his nickname isn't 'no touch service ace' for no reason.

definitely one of the best boys to ever exist
a : do you know semi eita?

b : oh, you mean best boy? yeah, obv! he is really underrated yet one of the best ones!
by cinnamon.png March 30, 2020
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Semi EIta is hot af and the hottest on the Shiratorizawa boys volleyball team. He is alt and you cannot convince me otherwise. He is cute and pretty and beautiful. I'm not usually a simp but if he were to even talk to me, mean or nice idc, I would go to a private area and squeal like a swine. I would be blushing like an idiot. I have the biggest crush and the fact that he went to Shiratorizawa, works for the government, and is in a band in the time skip means that he's a rich bitch and I wanna marry him. I want to have his motherfreaking kids. He could step on me and I would care less. At my wedding, he could burst in idk do something to announce his presence and he could tell me to run away with him and to leave the groom and I would be out of there in a heart beat. He is...omg he's something else. I know that i'm not the only one simping here.
Friend 1: Hey who's that on the court?
Friend 2: Oh that's Semi Eita.
Me: Ima cheer for him.
Friend 1: You can't we go to a different school. That would be crazy if you did.
Me: You think I care because I don't now ima do it so stfu.
Friend 2: Please don't.
Me: GO SEMI SEMI!!!!!!!!!!!
Oikawa wtf?
Iwaizumi: Not this shit again.
Matsukawa: You got that on camera?
Hanamaki: Hell yeah.
Semi: 0-0?
by Issei Mastukawa May 26, 2021
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It's an interjection/slang in Brazilian Portuguese.

'Eita' is an interjection commonly used in the southeast region of Brazil, suggesting awe or surprise or even conformity.

And 'que tiro' literally means 'what a shot'.

When they are thrown in the same sentence, usually means the sayer is in awe, while looking at an attractive person.
Situation: an attractive someone posts a nice pic on instagram

One says: Eita, que tiro!
by Narcisa92 August 01, 2017
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a handsome and talented football player in blue lock manga. eita otoya's pronouns are he/they. known as ninja. read blue lock for eita otoya.
"omg eita otoya is amazing. I love him"
by Blue Lock October 26, 2020
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A small pink haired ghoul who is the most happy bird mother in Tokyo and has a THICC body + the strength of ten gorillas.

Also known as 'Eicchan'.
Eita : IS THAT A BIRD?!?!??
Shimizu : Eicchan, please calm down...
by Eita Tsukiyama June 28, 2017
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