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Brazilian interjection to show yourself surprised with something, common in the south of São Paulo state.
This lang used when something is surprisingly good or bad, but can be used in many different ways.

Can be simplified to "eta".
In the northeast of Brasil, people use "égua" (female horse) instead of "eita".
"Eita porra!"
"Holy shit!"

"Hey John, your mother died.
- Eita!"

"Hey John, you passed on Harvard.
- Eita!"

"Eita! Is that an UFO?"
by Matheus J. November 04, 2007
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Corno means "horn" in English.

It's a Brazilian expression for some man who has been cheated by his wife or girlfriend.
This came from a legend where the betrayed man started to feel pain in his forehead, where the horns (cornos) shoud came off.

Dor-de-Corno (Pain-of-the-horned) is when the corno takes an atitude when realizes it's condition: get drunk, vengance (sometimes hurting/killing his girlfriend or her lover), etc.
These reactions lead to the subdivisions of a corno: corno manso (the one who doesn't care about his condition), corno raivoso (the angry one), etc.

Also, there are some smiles for cornos:
}:) - happy corno
}:( - sad corno
}:O - surprised corno
}:B - idiot corno
}:S - confuzed corno
}:X - mouth-shutted corno
:* - kissing corno

The feminine of corno is corna.

The more someone cheats his partner, the more cornos (horns) he has in his head.

Finally, corno can be many things: substantive - the horn "He has cornos (horns)."
adjetive - "Hey, you are a corno (horned.)!"
verb - "You wife corneou (cheated) you!"
"A Maria é uma vadia, portanto João, o namorado dela, é um corno."
"Mary is a bitch, so João, her boyfriend, is a corno."

"Ih, o Zé está com a maior dor-de-corno... acho que ele vai bater na namorada"
"Jeez, Zé has got a lot of dor-de-corno... I think he's going to punch his girlfriend"

"H.C. é uma corna! Seu marido foi pego comendo sua secretária!"
"H.C. is a corna! Her husband was caught fucking his secretary!"

"O Fernando arranha o teto com seus chifres, ahahah"
"Fernando scratches the ceiling with his horns, ahahah"

"Carlos, não é difícil você sustentar a cabeça com esse tanto de chifre na sua cabeça?"
"Carlos, isn't hard to hold your head with so many horns in your head?
by Matheus J. November 04, 2007
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