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a dreamy kind of music sung so beautifully, full of imagery, loaded with fantastic melodies and bursting with love that sounds like no other.
another world; fairy tales
by sarah April 13, 2005
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An awesome band from Tyler, Texas. Comprised of three sisters, a brother, and a best friend. They have a sound like no other.
by highanddry August 21, 2004
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Has been called a cross between Sixpence None The Richer/Coldplay with a major influence from Radiohead with it's own unique style unlike any other. Has been called 'swirly' and a 'soundtrack for your dreams'.
Formerly known as Moss Eisley.
by Andrea March 25, 2005
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Eisley is a band of five. Sherri, Stacy, and Chauntelle are the DuPree sisters, While Weston DuPree is the amazingly tall brother that looks like a ninja at times. Then theres Garron DuPree, The cousin, who looks remarkably like Neville Longbottom.
Sherri and Stacy, Stacy the youngest of them all, have amazing voices to match theyre state of dreaming music.
They live origonally in Tyler, Texas and their band began playing at the local coffee shop.
They have two CDs and Three EPs.
Girl #1: Oh my gosh, Sherri is just so pretty.

Girl #2: I like Garron. Him and Neville must be long-lost twins.

Girl #3: You guys are talking abotu Eisley, Right?

....*They both giver her a slap in the face*
by Laughing City July 14, 2009
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a person that is pure at heart and true to all. stands up for herself and others she trusts and love. noble of the female type. if you meet her you will never forget her. eyes of hazel.
Eisley is Aslan's wife.
by ladywolf August 12, 2010
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Eisley’s are beautiful living and kind they will never back stab you they are usually tall about 5,2

They are usually animal lovers and love dogs as they usually have brown hair and brown eyes as they eat a lot but like to try to stay fit (sometimes) Eisley’s have a very good heart and would do anything for there friends and family Eisley’s are very stylish as Eisley are also athletic and like some sports a little picky about the sport tho they are also very into music as they like to play intruments Boys don’t let a Eisley get away she is also a cute little one
Eisley is so sweet look at her
by The cute girly girl February 21, 2019
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