A “14 year old girl” will seek attention by any means possible, like fake depression and nudes. Not all 14 year old girls are like this but most of them are. Be smart, don’t act like a 14 year old girl.
Person: yo I heard Beth turned 14 today
Person 2: she’s gonna be a total 14 year old girl
by Haileyislazy on insta June 20, 2020
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A young girl who claims to be quirky and different
She might say she has anxiety and depression

Deep and probably bisexual
That 14 year old girl is wierd
Yeah she is annoying
by Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii January 21, 2021
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'14 Year Old Girls' generally range from the ages 13-15. They are many things, but here are the most common ones, and the ones you should look out for so you don't befriend them.

Generally listen to Blood On the Dancefloor, Nevershoutnever, and Forever the Sickest Kids.
Most like they will be spotted wearing skinny jeans and big shoes, such as DC's or Osiris.
Often times, they say 'rawr'/'roar' way too much.
A lot of the time, they claim to love dinosaurs and robots.
Generally, they consider themselves 'scene' or 'emo'.
Sometimes, you can catch them drinking Monster Energy Drinks, and save the tabs for necklaces.
More often than not, they love to write on themselves with Sharpies.
Often times, they buy flat-billed hats with characters such as Domo, SpongeBob SquarePants, Patrick Star, and Seaseme Street characters.
Generally, they mix words that they think are big, but really aren't, into their vocabulary.
They usually are attracted to 13 Year Old Boys.
I use to really like Paige, until I realized she was a 14 Year Old Girl.
by DoucheXLord July 05, 2011
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Usually referring a person who constantly cancels others for stupid reasons.
Man, these 14 year old white girls need to stop cancelling others for no good reason.
by harristsangyt/yasmin April 18, 2021
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This type of girl uses "u","ur" and "r" for "are" also tries to be quirky by typing lIkE tHiS.
Also tries to get a boyfriend occasionally, but ends up not getting the boyfriend and they block her, and she doesn't know why when she literally said "ur so hot be my boyyyy omg I bet u r so pretty daddy *insert creepy emoji cause I'm on PC and i don't know how to enable emojis*" She's also a pick-me girl when at school or high school.
"Seriously, that girl is the average 14-13 year old girl on discord , She's just so.. creepy when she wants a boyfriend on discord."
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