Traditionally, to be eighty-sixed was to be cut off from further booze service. This term comes all the way from the wild west (and not the 1980's as previously defined), where a bartender would only serve the 86 proof whiskey to customers already too drunk (86 proof was reserved for the ladies. The wild west was tough).
Today it means to be cut-off at the bar, kicked out of the bar, or to be cut-off or barred from something in general.
I went to the bar at happy hour and was eighty-sixed by the bartender by 9:00.
by OmaHawk January 25, 2007
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Restaurant lingo meaning "take an item off the menu." By extension it can also mean to get rid of almost anything (including doing away with somebody). The Urbandictionary entry attributing the term to the 1980s is erroneous. I worked as a short order cook in the late 1960s and it was in use in a half dozen NewYork city joints where I worked. Oldtimers say the term was around in the 1940s and that the derivation is Article 86 of the New York Liquor Code which describes the circumstances under which liquor should be withheld from a customer.
Restaurant manager: "we ran out of chipped beef . . . eighty-six the shit on a shingle."
by Bill Peters August 22, 2006
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to eighty-six a pregnancy is to medically terminate it, taken from the name of the "abortion drug" RU-486.

A woman might eighty-six a fetus in the earliest weeks of being pregnant, with the help of a health care provider who can administer a brief series of oral dosages.

Eighty-sixing is normally done only up until a point when a pregnancy is so far along that a surgical procedure is needed in order to abort.
Jenny: I just came up positive on this pregnancy test. It was just a one night stand. I'm gonna eighty-six it.

Eric: Yo, Kevin. You're lucky Jenny eight-six'd it after your fling at the lake last summer. Otherwise you would've been stuck paying child support.
by D.S. Credito September 27, 2014
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to dispose of someone or something, to get rid of someone or something
Let's eighty-six this punk's ass.
by Light Joker April 26, 2007
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to throw out or to take away or to deny

a band from Cape Cod, Ma
by chipmunkytease February 20, 2004
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All we gotta do is eighty-six that bitch judge, and we're straight.
by The Snizzake May 24, 2003
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To get barred or trespassed from an establishment (e.g., a casino).
The pit boss caught John back counting at the $100 minimum blackjack table, so they took him to the front door and eighty-sixed him.
by MrBlini May 9, 2005
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