A word commonly heard in Jamaican dialect; it means idiot. It can also mean foolish as in example1 below which means "that's foolish."
1 eediat ting dat!
2 are you a damn eediat?
by from jamaica July 12, 2006
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it means the exact same thing as idiot just spelled and pronounced differently.
"I couldn't make it in time for the fuckin pizza store"
"Your an eediat, that's why. You gotta walk like RUN BRO!"
by LIL90 February 26, 2008
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its the same as idiot but extendid more to make the person they are talking to, more of an idiot
oi u eediat, move from me
by Anonymous July 27, 2003
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someone with lack of intelligence or just common sense. May also be a random person who is annoying you at that moment.
"eediat": u iite chanel
chanel: moovvvve from me u eediat
by abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz November 8, 2003
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commonly spelt idiot but pronounced, eediat!
must have exclaimation mark to be correct when written.
def: a foolish person, a person who acts like a punk infront of friends and aquiantances.
"did you hear what that eediat said!?"

"stop acting like a prick, you eediat!"
by the last don July 15, 2004
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Stands for "idiot", and is often used by Anglo-Saxons of African descent.
6ix9ine's crew is watching a soccer game and a player scores an own goal.
6ix9ine's homeboy : "This nigga is a eediat"
UK Rapper Abra Cadabra in "Cadabra Freestyle" (2020) :

"I'm on the opp block district with a Big Thing tryna bun a next eediat"
by glockboy August 8, 2020
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