An approach to education which focuses on the experience as a form of entertainment.
The course I took was a fabulous experience in edutainment where I both learned and had a great time at it.
by Czar Donik May 26, 2022
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Combining education and entertainment to teach children. usually accomplishes neither, since the two are complete opposites.
by kung-fu jesus September 22, 2004
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education and entertainment at the same time. *sometimes comes at a cost
The price is right, who wants to be a millionaire, watching drunk cuzins say things to their russian friend yuri
by Mark Robins August 29, 2004
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combination of two words: educate and entertain ...edutain
let me edutain y'all for a minute
by preemo July 1, 2006
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To educate and entertain. True education is captivatingly entertaining (whether pleasantly so or otherwise).

One can be entertained without being educated, but one cannot be educated without being entertained.
Lenny Bruce was "the orginal edutainer".
Dr. Phil edutains with "pop-psychology".

by Kree8R August 9, 2006
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A person who intentionally uses an entertainment medium like comedy, song, or dance to educate the audience on traditionally taboo topics like sex, reproductive health, and LGBTQ issues.
I saw edutainer Peterson Toscano's play "Transfigurations—Transgressing Gender in the Bible" and it really seemed to help some of these southerners get that "God doesn't hate gays".
by RavenHarte April 24, 2015
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Noun. Abbrev. EFS

Suffered mainly by parents of young children, this ailment is experienced by being continuously exposed to entertainment/educational media for young children.
A: Have you seen Sarah lately?

B: Yeah, what's wrong with her? She's singing all these cutesy songs and keeps calling everyone Grover.

A: Edutainment Fatigue Syndrome. Spending too much time watching Sesame Street.

B: Can she be cured?

A: Probably. Needs to see something rated higher than TV-Y7.
by The Observationist July 5, 2011
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