A guy who does neat things.
"Now that I think about it, he does a lot of neat things. Like Edge!"
by OmgItsJasonBourne August 25, 2017
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Is the small baby hair that's leading to your adult hair

Not the long adult hair!! That's making edges ( DONT OVER DO IT! EDGES BE LOOKING LIKE A DAMN SNAKE)

My small baby hairs are edges, that's at the edge of my forehead.
by Kellyiah August 15, 2017
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La based tattoo artist handsome pain in the ass talks too much has stories for days funny but sad
by Whynottho October 30, 2019
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To bring about positive change to someone or something.
He brought Edge to the show. He bought an edge with him as he came on the field. The chair gave him an edge against the fighter
by Saint007 October 08, 2018
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