The stupid person way to abbreviate "et cetera". The "et" standing for the Latin word "et" and the "c." standing for the Latin word "cētera", hence "etc." and NOT "ect."
Child #1: I don't understand why people call me stupid, dumb, and ect.

Child #2: Maybe it's because you spelled "etc." incorrectly, and put an "and" before the et cetera (which is redundant).

Child #1: That explains it.
by JP McGillicutty March 13, 2010
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Pretty much when you don't wanna add any more examples.

This would be used during a final or a regular presentation
Maybe you would use it when all the shits you had left when you enter the hell hole called life.
Abby: Like Ice cream, popsicles, ect.
by Vintage Flower November 13, 2017
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electroconvulsive therapy. an electric current passes through your brain to make you HAPPY. (just stand outside in a storm with some tinfoil wrapped around your head)
jimmy was going to kill himself, instead he had ect, he's more fucked up than ever
by UnderDosed March 17, 2004
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speaking of stupid people... its actually spelled etc. and is an abreviation etcetera, good try though :D
there are many commonly used abreviations in the english language such as: Mr., Mrs., St., Rd., and etc.
by nick swizzle January 29, 2005
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bastardisation of 'etc.' or et cetera.

only used by idiots. the written equivalent of nucular. typed by the same type of people who say 'exspecially.'
I love great music; exspecially Justin Timberlake, Lil Jon, Jessica Simpson, Hanson, ect.
by elemental June 21, 2005
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ect. is an often falsely used abbreviation for et cetera which means "and so on/forth".
Also it is not one word as implied by the most upvoted definition and you DON'T use "and" in front of it, since "et" means "and" in Latin.
If I were rich I would do all that douchey rich-people stuff like drinking Dom Pérignon all day etc.

WRONG: I ate so much healthy stuff like bananas, apples and ect
by CorryWilliams October 23, 2015
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Changing a cracked resin-tipped ECTS with a brass-tipped ECTS will make your vehicle idle correctly and prevent burning oil.
by VIVIsectVI December 28, 2009
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