Piss, when it is used by soldiers to cool off overheated weapons.
Mel Gibson used combat coolant to cool off the mortar tubes in the movie We Were Soldiers so he could kill more non-christian vietnamese.
by Alfie The Horndog November 12, 2007
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The act of placing a slightly chilled object beneath the testicular bag in order to increase testosterone, stimulating the penile shaft resulting in increased penile circulation and a massive erection.
During his pre-practice nap, Matt always applies ball coolant in order to increase aggression toward his foes.

Hey Steven, have you ball coolanted today? Only three times!
by Ball Coolant September 30, 2014
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A menthol cigarette dipped in PCP
Yo bro, My radiator busted I'm fresh out of coolant
by Inflameus November 27, 2020
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The equivelant of water in the Dataverse. However, if the subject is Fizzy Coolant, then it is the equivelant of canned sparkly water.
I can not provide an example as i can not come up with a conversation between two Programs, talking about Coolant.
by Med (the real one.) August 8, 2023
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I met a girl at the bar and later that night I ended up topping off the coolant with her.
by Jason Tremaine September 7, 2021
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The term for using more than required coolant during a machining process (drilling :), milling etc). It may also refer to using multiple flexible coolant pipes when really 1 would have sufficed. Stop using more than required coolant.
Bro1 : I forgot to turn down the coolant during the test 2mm face milling operation, the hatch was open and tons of coolant sprayed out on me.

Bro2 : Classic hentai coolant.
by akkiiiWasHere July 23, 2021
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