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as a compliment of concentration. in eccentration, one uses the peripheral vision as a " focal field ". the eccentrationist or eccentrator gazes into the distance with no fixed-point on which to focus. as such, he / she becomes aware of everything happening in the periphery and can use infinitum as the a compliment to contraction.
many people choose to exercise / stretch in front of a mirror. this allows the practitioner to " focus " on their reflection and make judgements and corrections based on their evaluation. if we choose to gaze into the distance ( eccentration, be it 10 feet or 10 miles ) and NOT focus, we have only our periphery to shape our field of vision. and we have only our proprioception to gauge our alignment / progress. some yogic traditions hold that attachment to forms / things is the source of suffering. forms and things become indescernable when we " eccentrate ".
by jimijaymz February 13, 2011
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