as a compliment of concentration. in eccentration, one uses the peripheral vision as a " focal field ". the eccentrationist or eccentrator gazes into the distance with no fixed-point on which to focus. as such, he / she becomes aware of everything happening in the periphery and can use infinitum as the a compliment to contraction.
many people choose to exercise / stretch in front of a mirror. this allows the practitioner to " focus " on their reflection and make judgements and corrections based on their evaluation. if we choose to gaze into the distance ( eccentration, be it 10 feet or 10 miles ) and NOT focus, we have only our periphery to shape our field of vision. and we have only our proprioception to gauge our alignment / progress. some yogic traditions hold that attachment to forms / things is the source of suffering. forms and things become indescernable when we " eccentrate ".
by jimijaymz February 13, 2011
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A wild yet adventurous individual. Magnetic personality and quite curious. Uncommon. UNiQUE.
by SaraMeagan February 22, 2009
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An individual who does not conform to the thoughts, or beliefs of others. They tend to be considered very strange, but in reality, are more accomplished than many that follow the normal.
john lennon was an eccentric person in the genere of music he choose to preform during his time.
another example could be marilyn monroe.
by megan brooklyn October 20, 2008
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An individual or innate object which displays behaviour not of the norm in their respective systems.
Societal example:
A person which intentionally or unintentionally displays odd or unusual behaviour.
by ohdiesel January 2, 2005
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(of a person or their behavior) unconventional and slightly strange.
by Thatfilmguy97 August 11, 2017
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A person who is; Mysterious, Inane, Nonsensical, Outrageous One-side personality, all at the same time.
He's eccentric, he's always on his own doing weird stuff.
by oonimnahc January 31, 2011
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based from the root eccentric. eccentric qualities.
"This guy has very far reaching eccentricities."
by Daniel February 7, 2005
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