Brockhampton is the best and hardest working boyband in the world. They were founded in San Marcos, Texas by Kevin Abstract on a Kanye West fan forum. As of September 21, 2018 they have released four studio albums and a mixtape: All-American Trash (2016), Saturation I (2017), Saturation II (2017), Saturation III (2017), and Iridescence (2018).

The group consists of 14+ members, namely, Kevin Abstract, Matt Champion, Russell "Joba" Boring, Dom McLennon, Merlyn Wood, Ciarán "Bearface" McDonald, Henok "HK" Sileshi, Jabari Manwa, Romil Hemnani, Kevin Doan, Robert "Hola, me llamo Roberto." Ontinient, Ashlan Grey, Kiko Merley, and Jon Nunes.

Though not all members take part in the vocals (rapping and singing) of the music, every single one of these boys put in WORK to produce, manage, and expertly design every single song. Brockhampton is not only music, but also a creative factory that produces film, videos, branding, they are their own corporation, and they are their own family.
Yo, Brockhampton is a creative powerhouse, I heard they're the best boyband since One Direction.
by IridescentTrash September 21, 2018
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by yung stephen from the 9 March 25, 2018