amazing dude who will always make people laugh. a genuinely good-hearted dude who has the best words to say in all his videos, even since vine. overall, kurtis, hes a rlly nice dude and everyone should go subscribe to kurtis conner.
person a: hey have you seen kurtis conner's new video
person b: ye ye ofc he's the best
by yeehaw6699 May 16, 2019
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the best swaggest yee yee youtuber of all time🤠🤠 also the mayor of kurtistown. an amazing town you should def move to :)))
person A: i dont watch kurtis conner

person B: we cant be friends anymore, sorry partnah!🤠🤠
by for the boys!! November 20, 2020
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kurtis conner is a youtuber and he is very kind and respectful!! he used to make vines before vine died. he says extra greetings and folks a lot. he is also mayor of kurtistown and anyone who subscribes to him is part of kurtis conner. be nice to him, cause it’s the law :)
person one: hey did you watch kurtis conner’s newest video?

person two: yeah ofc! he’s awesome
by urlocalmaniac September 7, 2021
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hes they one of THEE hottest youtubers on youtube. He's an amazing guy and honestly never gets boring.
you : "who's the hottest and funniest youtuber ever?"
me: kurtis conner
by eve is hot June 21, 2021
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a band member of wallows. best band ever 👢
person a: wait, kurtis conner is a part of wallows right?
person b: yea🐦
by the wallhoe January 30, 2021
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is the best youtuber, is a very good guy with a good heart, funny as heck and makes awesome videos, mayor of kurtistown, a round of applause for him👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
me: hey have you seen kurtis conners new video?
idk: yea omg it's so funny!
me: right! are you a citizen of kurtistown?
idk: yes!
by qgk March 25, 2021
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he solos all your favs

subscribe to become a valued citizen of Kurtistown
guy: you like Kurtis conner

cool guy: absolutely he's our mayor!!
by veryreallygood January 14, 2022
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