An online gamer who looks for sluts over the Internet . They have no life therefore they yearn for the attention of girls to make up for the loss of attention from their mothers . Also know as thirst lowlifes.
by Criticsdaddy August 1, 2016
Literally any boy who is on the internet. All he has to do is be online. Anyone can be an eboy, if you're a youtuber, a twitch streamer or what most people know eboys from - tiktok. There is no culture when it comes to being an eboy.

The "E" in eboy, means "electronic". And computers are electronics. Thus, any boy online is an eboy.
I just had a edate with my eboy.

That's my eboy!
You're my eboy and I'm your egirl.
by I actually sing and dance April 28, 2020
They are basically a new type of zoomer fuckboy with an emo twist. They have 90's Backstreet Boys hair, usually skinny, under the age of 21, wear skater streetwear clothing and very "sensitive". They listen to Lil Peep, Brockhampton, Mac DeMarco and any type of music that is "cool" with the tumblr hipster demographic. They can be found on TikTok, Instagram and Twitter.

eboys: "check out my tiktok 👅👅. I won't bite I swear"
by RemoveKebab420 April 15, 2019
"Eboys are basically emo fuckboys"
"It had to be said"
A group of individuals that go by the of eboys they're all funny especially top shagger willne #sub2willne #willne5mil
Eboys are so cool omg especially will sub to the eboys
by Topshaggershane September 21, 2020
wannabe emo. They can fit in, THEY just don’t want to.
random eboy: OmG I’m sO dEpResSeD
by 27killalover June 11, 2020
A boy who typically wears rings and chains on his body. Gains attention from eGirls and gets their nudes. Also might me seen listening to XXXTENTACION or Lil peep. They also post about how sad they are or something randomly edgy.
Damn...that nigga a eBoy
by Okaygoodmorningchild February 24, 2019