4 definitions by DamnBitchIzFine

1.)I guy thats whipped by a girl and basically is told to eat her pussy all the time with little or no play back.
2.) When called a chicken head, one can come back by calling the other a tuna head.
"You're such a chicken head"-
"Oh yeah well you're a tuna head"-
by DamnBitchIzFine May 14, 2006
When a guy gets head in a publix bathroom while taking a shit.
"That newyork subway, Jessica gave me, made me blow a load. Mostly in the toilet though" -Eww I know its gross
by DamnBitchIzFine May 14, 2006
An eater is a word guys use to call girls skanky or slutty. Girls that basically give it up to anyone and/or are just slutty and dress that way are considered eaters.
Fred: "Kelly, I heard you've been sleeping with all my friends. You're such an eater!"
by DamnBitchIzFine May 14, 2006
It's when you have an ass that hangs off bothsides of your chair. Ever notice how buss drivers always seem to have asses as wide as the busses there driving? lol!
That girl over there has a massive case of buss driver booty. (some serious buss driver booty)
by DamnBitchIzFine May 14, 2006