1. To consume food

2. To slay, "kill it" or do very well. Most likely related to the phrase "eating it up", meaning enjoying something to the fullest. This is normally used in the context of showing off how great you look or some kind of performance.
Hey, I saw you at dance auditions! You're really gonna eat at callbacks!
by zebra_b1tch May 05, 2019
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To perform Oral Sex (fellatio, cunnilingus or analingus) on a person.
1. John likes to eat Mary, unless she is on her period.

2. Mary likes to eat John, unless he has been having sex with her sister, Jane.

3. What do you mean I owe you five dollars? Eat me, then I will give you five dollars.
by Chrono January 03, 2005
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a: what are you eating
b: nothin
c: im hungry
a: stfu
b: ima go to mcdonalds
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to slowly but surely bring a woman to sweet shudeering orgasm by going downon her or performing oral sex

a verb that studs, femmes, butches and lesbians love doing
Ooooh wee... girl... Lucky said she was gonna eat me last night and it good

Bring that pussy over here, I'm gonna eat you out
by Yinka June 30, 2004
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To physically, mmentally, emotionally, and sprirtually take over the task at hand, whereas no one else has a chance of halting your dominance. a majority must confer and agree upon an eat or eastablish what eating is and degrees of eating such as a snack,meal,or feast. (eat, eating, eater, ate)
Tony B. usually eats when it comes to murphing (see murph).

After drinking five 40's there was no doubt in anyones mind that Wild Bill was EATING!!!

After averagein 24.5 points, 12.5 rebounds and 5 asst. a game Kevin Garnett established himself as an habitual eater.

After consuming 15 beers, 3 blunts, 10 shots, and 6 jr. bacon cheeseburgers, it's fair to say Sherm ate.
by thany petrakis September 27, 2004
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UK street slang. Basically to rob someone in the street in a not-very-violent way.
Typical scene on the streets of Leyton, London:
'Yo, blad, empty your pockets.'
'Man, I'm eating you. Hurry up and set me your phone and your money.'
by Kilo Lobo July 01, 2003
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