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A service that is offered, and performed, by a prostitute. One half is oral sex, the other half is vaginal sex.
That was a cheap trick, he gave me fifty for a half and half.
by Chrono October 05, 2004

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To perform Oral Sex (fellatio, cunnilingus or analingus) on a person.
1. John likes to eat Mary, unless she is on her period.

2. Mary likes to eat John, unless he has been having sex with her sister, Jane.

3. What do you mean I owe you five dollars? Eat me, then I will give you five dollars.
by Chrono January 03, 2005

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An insult, implying someone is stupid.
James, your such a bumhole
by Chrono February 12, 2004

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Weapons intended for mass interdiction. This includes demolition, rocket-propelled grenades, squad automatic weapons, and stationary machine guns. Basically anything big and heavy that isn't readily shoulder-fired and does massive amounts of damage.
Normally a line of T-72 tanks would have meant trouble, but to the heavy weapons specialists of Bravo team they were flyspecs.
by Chrono June 20, 2004

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A piece of shit stuck to a furry dog's ass.
My dog needs a haircut, look at all the pizard on his ass.
by Chrono August 27, 2004

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The ultimate form of dancing. Usually associated with being drunk.
Spinaroony, Leg slaps
by Chrono December 10, 2003

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