8 definitions by flipynif

What someone is doing do you after you try to pick up their lady in the bar!
Shit man, he was strikin my head with the baseball bat because i grabbed his old ladies tits and crotch and then bent her over the bar. What's with that?
by flipynif July 6, 2004
A huge penis. Something that girls strive to find in their lives and when found they latch onto and don't let go.
Some slut: I wanna suck you off
Me: *whips it out
Me: Just suck it.
by flipynif January 5, 2006
it means you must masticate on some fecal matter than cause your heart to stop fribulating
you pick up a piece of dog poo and start to chew on it, enjoying the nutty flavour with a slight liver bouquet. You then hold your breath (by putting duct tape over your mouth and nose) to preserve the awesome smell and flavour and your heart stops from lack of oxygen.
by flipynif November 17, 2004
a link on a web page that takes to to a webpage with a thousnad other links to porn sites or warez sites. At this point you usually get a thousand popups to pages with more links.
1. I was checking out some warez and got a fucking permalink then my computer crashed and my house burned down

2. I was checkin out a bunch of porn and goit a permalink, now i have to try to close a thousand webpages that don't stop!!
by flipynif November 5, 2004
What someone says as they cover their eyes and pretend to be invisible. They are looking for attention, so give them some, THWAP!
Sween - (covers eyes) You can't see me!
John - (smacks sween in the back of the head) Now I see you, you little rascal!
by flipynif July 6, 2004
Verb: To give someone the meat. To engage in coitus. To stuff a vagina with your cack.
You: Hey baby i'll meat you later at your place.
Her: Ok (thinking you mean meet)

You arrive at her place with your pants off and a fullon hardon and meat the hell out of her.
by flipynif September 16, 2005
a game for skinny dudes or dudettes to get naked to. For the most part it is girl on girl or guy on guy since anyone who plays ping pong is gay. If one person gains a point the other must strip off a piece of their clothing (guys will take off their skirt and girl will take off their pants).
A lot of people play strip ping pong in sisco
by flipynif December 30, 2005