A phrase uttered in such rage that telling another human being to suck a dick would not convey the full intent of the speaker. Generally used sarcastically in return to blatant sarcasm, resulting in a perpetual cycle of bag-eating.

Commonly abbreviated as "eat a bag" or simply "a bag."
Juni: "I got that star."
Marcus: "Eat a bag of dicks."
by Neonatrias November 1, 2009
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A sentence used to describe anger towards a fellow employee, friend or boss
You were late and u still left before us, Eat a bag of dicks
-adding an exclamation point helps to intensify this comment

Your paycheck is bigger then mine,
maybe if u actually worked!
Eat a bag of dicks!!!!
by Eric Dauteuil May 13, 2006
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A colloquialism expressing rejection of a person or idea based on it's merits. Usually in response to a disparaging remark, or as a derogatory characterization of the subject.
Well, you can eat a bag of dicks.
by hawleyal July 25, 2011
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Based on the principle that if a mouth is full, can no longer spout stupid and annoying words; shut the fuck up
Andrew, that had to be the stoopidest thing I ever heard. Eat a bag of dick and get the fooke out my house.
by steelingmyheart December 3, 2004
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Literally, to consume a bag full of food from Dick's Drive In, usually 5 fries to one burger.

In Seattle, "Eat a bag of Dicks" might be taken as a lunch suggestion instead of a deadly insult.
Frank: Damn I'm hungry, let's break for lunch.

Paul in Accounting shouts out: Hey frank, go eat a bag of Dicks!

Frank: Sure, I haven't had Dicks in a while, there's one on Broadway - great fries!
by Tarrak November 2, 2010
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1) A exclamation used when someone does or says something so idiotic that they deserve to consume an entire sack of mens's penises.

2) The appropriate response when someone's logic and reasoning are so flawless that any other response would seem foolish.
3) What to say when someone says something that in any way displeases you and you want them to know how much you hate them.
1) Dipshit: ERRR, look at me! I got recon! Im so fucking cool and shit!
Regular guy: GO EAT A BAG OF DICKS!

2) Guy1: You sir, are a fucking useless, insufferable, and backstabbing piece of shit.

3) Smart kid: Hey Billy, what did you get on the math test?
Billy: I failed
Smart kid: Well, i got an A+
by The Leedale October 29, 2008
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This is a very nice and witty way to say f#%k off in the pacific northwest because there is a large Dicks burgers chain all around that everyone grew up with, so the meaning will not be lost on an adult and any nearby children will not be scarred.
Officer, The db level is withing legal guidelines for this time of day so tell my neighbor i said to Go eat a bag of Dicks and swallow a vanilla shake while you're at it
by ultrasupernectar2 October 8, 2012
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