A town in New York which welcomes every version of BMW and Mercedes cars on the market. These cars are usually driven by italian princesses and guidos, bought fully by their parents. You can find a majority of guidos hanging out at the local gas station Exxon, which attracts all the guidos like moths to a bright light at night. Most girls seen in this town are mindless bitches that want to get "crunked" with their asshole boyfriends who regularly beat them and call them sluts, when ironically the guys are the reason why they're sluts to begin with. Just look for Honda Civics and the Acura CL 3.2-S and you'll find most of these girls. If you start to develop a Bronx accent out of nowhere, you've been in this town for too long. We're all white, but somehow we're "niggas." Cops in this town have nothing better to do than bother teens who just want to chill, rather than bust real crime. You will get arrested for basically anything, and you can't even sit in your car in the middle of the day without a cop saying "Either you leave, or I'll give you a ticket for your tinted windows." They also make outrageous claims that you have "illegal headlight covers" on your car, when in fact you have stock headlights that you have never touched.
Bitch get in ma caaa!!
by CGT3 June 19, 2005
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Perhaps the most boringass town in westchester, despite the flippin sweet shopping center that soccer moms in minivans love to inhabit. Other than that, Eastchester is filled with guidos and hoochie fifteen year olds who hang out in between blockbuster, the local exxon, and the library parking lot until the cops come to break it up and they have to call their bronx-native mothers and fathers to come get them so they don't have to get their "Urr Force Onez" dirty. Nearly all of these brats are italian and should stop acting black or else a swift kick in the ass is due their way. Oh, God Forbid.
"Rye Girl: What club do you belong to?
Eastchester Hooch: Lake Isle
Rye Girl: Stupid Hooch, that's not a club. It's a concrete wasteland with 6 pools filled with urine. Come to Shenerock Shore Club, and I'll show you what real living is like..."
by Westchesterlovin March 21, 2005
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A NY suburb of 99% Bronx-Italian expatriates. Often believes The Bronx is the capital of the world.
by Anonymous October 15, 2003
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Town in Westchester, NY that thinks they are the shit. The town is divided into two main classes. You have the people who think they are black yet hate black people with a passion and are as white as a piece of paper. Then there are the skaters who are often seen hanging out in front of Stop and Shop, Blockbuster, Exxon and in the lot behind the Eastchester library. Both classes are stoners and drunks that get fucked up every day. Often seen feuding with people from their rival and superior neighbor Tuckahoe.
You know the town is weak when it takes 40 of their guys to take on 10 from another town like Tuckahoe.

The people in the town are the definition of wigger.

I bet you $100 to find one person in that town that doesnt drink or smoke.
by Cool C January 07, 2005
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eastchester is a town full of fricken guidos. everyone wears either american eagle, hollister, abercrombie, and all of those other gay "preppy" clothes. about 99% of the town is fricken italian. i'm the only puerto rican in this whole town! the italians in this town who think that they are on top of it all drive mercedes and fricken escalades. there is nothing to do in this town and all the kids are the same. white, italian, guido, or prep. that is all of the classes of eastchester. and the kids who try to be ghetto, drive around their parents' benz and blast loud rap music like they are from the ghetto. please, they are all a bunch of italian rich kids. they dont know rap. i hope aliens take over this god damn town, because i cant take it nomore
ITALIAN 1: hey friend, after school, do you want to like go to like american eagle and spend like $200 of our parents' money?
ITALIAN 2: sure, like that will like be great. then afterwards, we can go to starbucks and spend like $7 on like a cup of coffee. my mom can give us a ride in her shiny escalade.
ITALIAN 1: sounds like fun!!! man, Eastchester is so great. i'm going to have to tell my dad to exchange his mercedes truck to get a new escalade so i can be just like you
by eldiablo2792 June 20, 2006
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Good definition:Eastchester is a town in Westchester,NY.It gets hate bc its mainly upper middle class but many of the kids there act hard.There is more hate on ec from the kids there then from kids who dont live there. a good amount of the kids who hate ec seem to be part of the reason for the hate on it.Many of these kids act hard af but their dads drive bmw,cadillacs.Some of these kids come from the Bronx but they come from the one or two upper middle class sections of the BX (Riverdale, parts in country club, etc) which are parts of these places that are like the same as ec (wealth wise)Many of these kids complain about bs there and people being fake but this is a criticism of themseleves or the people they call friends .Its sad because it makes all the kids in ec look like fucks.most of the kids are pretty rich but there are also some kids who arent wealthy and do live in the smaller houses and few apartments of Eastchester.These kids arent as wealthy and they are from working to middle class families(I was one of them). These include kids who came from places like the Bronx,Y-O, Mount Vernon (etc), even kids just from ec or Tuckahoe they lived in small houses/apartments(again not bs I'm one of them)ironic as shit tho how these kids dont act as hard and dont bitch about their lives as much as the richer kids.lol.there is no hood in ec but not everyone there is rich and thinks that everything should be given to them. EC is a pretty nice place truthfully
Eastchester kid 1: I'm so fuckin pissed I didn't get a fucking Cadillac for my 16th bday. Wouldn't you be??

Eastchester kid 2: tf?! I'm probably not even gonna get a new car until I can pay for one myself.

Ec kid 1: what are you saying we live in ec don't you have a mansion?

Ec kid 2: Iight bruhh fuckofff
by moconahhh June 09, 2013
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Eastchester is a Small town located in Westchester NY. The sound licks ass. Theirs never anything to do at all. Besides drive around in a car, getting harassed by cops at dunkin donuts, shop and stop, exxon, Lord and Taylors Etc. Everyone in Eastchester thinks they are cool. No one really has a life. And no one really leaves Eastchester. Everyone thinks they are black. And everyone in some way is Italian. The school sucks ass. The people are spoiled. They drive their mothers mercedes. They wear flaming clothes. Get a haircut like 5 times a week and shave their legs. Umm im bored. and im gonna go eat dinner. bye
EX. Boring ass town with posers who drive their parents expensive cars. Being spoiled thinking your black and being italian.
by POOPE June 07, 2005
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