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A neat town in deep southern Westchester. You can actually walk to Pelham from the 5-train like I did today. Cool place.
While everyone in Westchester claims to be 10 minutes outside the Bronx, this is literally true for Pelham.
by JD238 May 02, 2005
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A small town in Southern Westchester that is beast but doesn't allow snow days. It also has many pizza parlors and nail salons. No one really knows what it is. Many smart people live in this town. It consists of 3 parts; Pelham Manor, the Village of Pelham, and Pelham. Altogeher they are known as The Pelhams. Their mascot is the Pelham Pelican (pathetic...). Pelham is a chill town to live in.
Dude 1: "What's Pelham?"
Dude 2: "A town stupid."
Dude 1: "Never heard of it."
Dude 2: "You know, it's the one with all the pizzerias?"
Dude 1: "Oh!!!"
by n00b_al3rt January 11, 2011
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A small suburb in Westchester, New York consisting of two villages (Pelham and Pelham Manor), four elementary schools, one middle school, one highschool, about 500000 nail salons, and about 500000000 pizza parlors.
I'm so sick of living in Pelham
by friday December 24, 2004
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A wealthy suburb next to the Bronx. Known for having too many pizza places. Also known for god-awful football, yet really good hockey. Pelham's school are also good, but the kids are noted to have the southern westchester fake gangster look/talk. Oh well...
by rly April 05, 2008
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A small town in Southern Westchester, bordering the Bronx, Mount Vernon and New Rochelle. North Pelham is known for lower middle class Irish and Italian families, while Pelham Heights and Manor are wealthier and better educated.

Pelham is notorious for excellent hockey, heavy drinking teenagers, and kids who think they can hack it in Mount Vernon or New Ro. A lot of Pizza places, a lot of Deli's, high taxes, low crime and a lot of teen drunk driving.

Pelham is also the most hated town in all of Westchester, due to their dirty play in sports, incessant trash talking and violent tendencies.
Yea we ran out of beer at our party in Pelham Manor so I had to go grab my car and drive to Imperial in the bronx.

Yea we lost to Pelham in hockey, all their fans were either preppy assholes, or guido assholes, I think they were all drunk.

by Pelham10803 April 13, 2009
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Suburban town in New York that shares a border with the Bronx. Parts of it are okay but it gets a bad reputation from the snobs that make up most of Pelham Manor. Has all kinds of people: annoying very rich people, rich people that aren't annoying (very few), a little annoying rich people, normal people, and, the smallest minority, poor ghetto people that moved from the Bronx and Mount Vernon. Known for having way too many general stores and pizza places, but for those living on 5th Ave/Wolfs Lane and Lincoln Ave it's nice to have a pizza place just 20 steps from your apartment building no matter where you are on those roads. The only fun part of the town is on the border it shares with Mount Vernon and includes the roads mentioned above as the main streets. A shopping area near the place where the Bronx, Pelham, and Mount Vernon meet is a short walk from the New York City subway and Pelham is only about 25 minutes from midtown Manhattan.
Person 1: You're from Pelham? I'm surprised you don't seem like a stupid rich bastard.

Person 2: I'm not from Pelham Manor.

Person 1: What?

Person 2: I'm from regular Pelham. You know, the place with Hutch elementary school, too many good pizza places like Luigi's, general stores like Roman's Discount and Paper Chase, TD Bank, and other stuff?

Person 1: ... that's Pelham? I thought that was in Mount Vernon near the border!
by anon10864983698273409230948239 December 29, 2010
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