when you and your boys know that your gonna be kickin' it as old ass mo'fuckas, shiit.
Even though we were all sad to leave for college we knew that we were boys fo' life and we'd be kickin' it as old as mo'fuckas, shiit.
by elick May 22, 2006
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It's a motto.
It's when you say "Dog fo' life"!
So it means you are really a dog!
Murder for life.
(Murder all the life)
(Murder for sure)
by Azuma-san June 06, 2005
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besty fo life... a friend u would never give up... no matter what. someone you can share secrets with. and just be a nerd (even if they r bein a booty about u bein a nerd! ) but w.e
jill: hey are u gonna come to the mall with me this weekend ?

sarah:no duh you're my besty fo life !!!!!!
by meli193455 August 07, 2007
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