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This bizzare creature dwells somewhere in the California region. It's knowledge is compiled of 95% Internet sayings or such, almost all of them relating to a flash. It has also been known to spout many Star Fox quotes, such as "Do a Barrel Roll!"This creature also seems to have a deviantart account where it shows its bizzare photoshop images. Also, this being claims you will never guess what the name stands for. Ever.

If you encounter this being, TREAD WITH CAUTION.
"No, uh...That's Aoeniac all right."
by KJAZZ April 22, 2005
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An MMORPG currently in it's Alpha stages developed by Armageddon Games, also referred to as AGN. The official website is www.shatteredearth.net ...
Shattered Earth is currently in Alpha Stages, but it is open testing.
by KJAZZ April 28, 2004
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a condition contracted when having to do a long reach over and down to flush a toilet. The rush of water after the flush, creates a splash back or over spray that can contact the facial area.
I reached over to flush the toilet and some water splashed right into my eye. Did I just catch stinkeye!?
by KJAZZ November 19, 2013
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Born from the depths of hell, this strange creature acts like it is high most of the time, but is known to exhibit strange behavior on occasion. This creature requires future study.
by KJAZZ April 28, 2004
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Also known as iCeD. (See Trafton's definition). He is also the best chair.

reg ;)
by KJAZZ April 28, 2004
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1. One with a dead sense of humor.
2. An Awesome Possum.
3. Fancy Ketchup.
4. May know of the legendary notfart.
Hugela is a tricky one, be careful not to let him get out of your sights. He is weak to Ice, but absorbs Lightning.
by KJAZZ April 27, 2004
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The company that created Zelda Classic and Shattered Earth. Also referred to sometimes as AGN.
Armageddon Games also made some other games, but they didn't really make it very far..
by KJAZZ April 29, 2004
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